Mission Statement

We the veterans of the United States Armed Forces, having served our country honorably ; given our life’s blood; left parts of ourselves on distant battlefields; and returned home broken mentally and physically battered, have fulfilled our contracts. We now require and demand the government of our country we have sacrificed for fulfill their part of the same contract.

For too long you have dragged your feet, allowed corruption to fester within the VA Healthcare System and as a result many of our brothers and sisters have taken their own lives without receiving the care they so justly deserve. For the love of our blessed country that we hold dear, we insisted that Congress act. To this end we shall work to bring to the table a blue print that shall become the solution. Failure is not an option and no is not an acceptable answer.

Now is the time to prove to us your support, not with empty promises or halfhearted actions. We will present our findings and solutions. We expect the same kind of results and dedication that was demanded of us. We ask this not just for ourselves , but our posterity that shall follow.


The American Veteran.