VHA reform is a grassroots effort to bring real reform to the Veterans Healthcare System. There has always been problems with the VHA since its inception. It is not; however, our intention to point the finger of blame at any one person. This is accomplishes nothing and is counter productive.

To achieve our goal of real reform of the VHA we are asking for veterans to participate in our Survey and tell us about their experiences good or bad, and to give us their ideas for VHA reform.

We will not ask for your money, nor will we collect any personal information any of our surveys. Emails will be collected as an opt-in only and will not be shared.

How we intend to accomplish this

Let’s be frank for a moment, this is not going to be an easy task, but bear in mind that nothing worth having comes easy. So we begin here asking for your participation in the Survey . This survey will form the basis of a comprehensive report that will be submitted to Congress. It will contain your ideas for improving the VHA and the necessary recommendations to bring about real reform.

This report will be but one part of the steps that will have to be taken that will ultimately lead to legislation and the much needed reform of the VHA. We will be building a political coalition within Congress. We won’t just drop this report in the mail and expect Congress to act on it. They will know about this long before it crosses their eyes and when it does cross their eyes they will be put on notice. While this report will be professional in its nature it will assert that we veterans demand that they take action.

Get the word out

We need you to help us get the word out. Share this site to every veteran friend and supporter you can. If you have media contacts get a hold of them too and try to persuade the them to do a story on this effort. The more people here about us the better, because that will get the attention of Congress. They will know we are coming, they will be expecting us.