VA Secretary Considering Closing more than 1100 Facilities

According to a News Article from CBS NEWS VA Secretary David  Shulkin is considering closing down more than 1100 VA Facilities. About 430 of the facilities are already vacant so those perhaps don’t matter so much.  However, if you are like me I don’t trust the Government Officials to make wise decisions.

In other news a suspended Suspended Cincinnati VA Leader was indicted on federal drug charges for writing prescriptions outside the scope of her government license. Whatever that means, but this is a good step, at least I think, in the right direction. Incompetent and arrogant VA managers need to be fired and prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Unfortunately for 40 or so souls lost at the Phoenix VA secret waiting list aren’t likely to see any justice. A report that came after the incident broke concluded that there was no evidence that the Veterans that died, died because of the waiting list. Well perhaps there was no direct evidence of that; however, what were the chances that they might still be alive if they had received the care that they should have received? And let us not forget the fraud perpetrated upon the government by the administrators that profited from their dereliction of duty?

Before this story broke in 2012 the Phoenix VA Administrator was receiving bonuses for the so-called “efficiency” of her facility. Money fraudulently obtained by the virtue of the secret list. A list that should not have ever existed in the first place. So there is evidence of fraud right their under their noses.

But what of these deaths that can’t be proven were caused buy being on the waiting list? My personal opinion is that this is Criminally Negligent Homicide at worst, at the very least it should be Depraved Indifference. But this is my opinion, what do you think?

I’m sure that most of you have by now heard of President Trump’s Executive Order creating the Office of Accountability and Whistle Blower Protection. I have mixed feelings on this. Why wasn’t this done sooner? Why didn’t Obama do this? Maybe it will do some good, we can only hope.

To say that I am frustrated by this Administration dragging it feet along with Congress putting band aides on a gushing would be an understatement. Further more my attempts to get meetings with my Congressman or is Veterans staffer, and Army Vet himself has gone unanswered. Just as trying to make contact with a reporter. I get the feeling of being ignored but I refuse to be put off by this.

I encourage you all to please talk to your veteran friends and get them to visit this site, even if they think it is a lost cause. Their participation in the Survey with help me formulate a plan.

Also if you have media contacts that would be willing to talk to me about this crusade or contacts in high places that might be able to get me in touch with Secretary Shulkin I would appreciate it if you could talk to them about it.

They can email me at:

Thank you all.

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