Veteran’s Group Marching on America May 20th

Just today a friend posted about a group that is planning a march in cities across America on May 20th. Visit their site to find a city near you. Here’s and excerpt from their site:

Veterans March On: America started with a very clear mission. You may have already read the mission statement, so you’ve seen what our mission is, but the underlying mission is bigger. MUCH bigger. We are trying to do the one thing that nobody has ever accomplished before. Our larger mission is to unite all Veterans. Once we’ve done that, we will have the power we need to actually solve issues, not just talk about them. We have a goal of ZERO. That’s Zero suicide. Zero denied or delayed care. Zero homelessness.

Their goal is essentially the same as ours, bring real reform to the VA Healthcare System and the VA in general. They want to unite veterans across America and so do we.  This is why I suggested we join forces to achieve this worthy goal.

It is time that we are heard in one loud voice that can not be ignored.

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